Animal Whisperer Workshop

Suits Us2 Stables, 4370 – 224th Street, Langley, BC
Cost: $150 - space limited to 10 participants

“Interspecies communication is there for us all.” Linda Tellington-Jones

An ‘Animal Whisperer’ is one that can telepathically communicate with animals. As we interact with each other, we bond to a greater understanding of our unique way of life, habits and emotions. Once you begin acknowledging you animal companion’s concerns, you create greater harmony, health and happiness in their lives. Our animal companions do not speak in words but they give us a great source of unconditional love that nurtures us far more than we realize. Much is learned through the exercises during our practicum with these wonderful animal companions that are a gift from Source to us all.

We have the wonderful opportunity to work with rescued horse at Suits Us2 stables who are members of the Horse Protection Society working to eliminate cruelty to these wonderful beings of love. I call upon all animal lovers and healers who wish to participate in this wonderful rewarding weekend.

Day 1 - Discussion & Practicum
- Universal energy and the animal kingdom
- Communication in subtle and in subconscious ways
- Telepathy – communication from one mind to another – delivering & receiving
- Judgments – Assumptions – Detachment
- Animal companion’s role in our world - bring picture of your companion at home
- The crossing of animals – time to let go
- Finding lost animals
- Spirit animals – bring picture of your own companion in spirit

Day 2 – Administering healing energies for all levels, body, mind & spirit
- Mental Attitude, Breath, Neutrality & Love/Compassion
- Modalities – Natural Energy Healing, Reiki, TTouch, Massage etc.
- Permission - Distant versus Hands-On Healing
- Healing Domestic versus Wild animals - environment
- Healing Rescued Animals – history unknown
- Observations & Signs
- Going to the Root versus Symptoms
- Processes of Grievance, Adjustment, Cooperation, Contentment & Happiness

Registration: please contact Claudette – 604-274-2238
Payment: must be received by Monday May 15, 2012
Cheques payable to Wings of Dove
Mail to: 202 – 3851 Francis Rd, Richmond, BC, V7C 1J6
Visa payments accepted by calling 604-274-2238