Wisdom of Ramadan

A spirit guide speaking through his entranced medium
Ursula Roberts

Understanding Mediumship


- As a spirit, it is difficult for me to fully appreciate the many harsh noises and vibrations which fill your world today. One of the first things an intending medium should cultivate is the ability to clear the mind of many impressions that it gathers from day to day, so that you come to us of the spirit or into your circles of communication with a mind that is like a slate wiped clear of all previous impressions. But you do not do this. You come with all the pressing memories and problems of your daily life.

In the ancient temples, those training for mediumship learned to relax the very cells of the physical brain by an effort of will and mind by an effort of thought. You, too, can do this by understanding how to move the muscular structure of your face and head, how to control the action of your ears and jaw. You should learn how to move the muscles of your brow and back of the head so that by concentration you may relax any tension in your brain or skull. Truly, if you practice this then you will be learning one of the lessons of mastery-how to master yourself.

The development of a true and perfect mediumship should go hand in hand with this self-mastery. Therefore, after relaxing the body and brain bring the mental activities into stillness.

In the old temples, the priests and priestesses who were mediums and seers taught the importance of movements which you know as dance. As The hands were raised and lowered so there was an effect upon the spine, releasing pressures. Similarly with the fluidic backward and forwards movements of the body, which were designed to free the interlocking joints of the spinal column, the related nerves, and the ethereal flow of the spiritual force through the soul body, which is so frequently inhibited by tensions of the physical body. So do not be afraid to move. Move with freedom and rhythm so that no tension can rise in your spine or brain. The first degrees of Mediumship are in the development of perception which comes from a still mind and a receptive brain. So when you sit in relaxation, awaiting the calmness of the spirit to interpenetrate your mind, if you are free from tension you will find this easily accomplished.

In training the temple seers, initial development was brought about during the hours of rest and sleep. Mediums were taught to lie in a completely prone position upon their resting couches, their minds swept clear of all outward disturbance. Beside them would be a little pad of wax upon which, in the moment of waking, they could write words or memories they are able to bring back when the spirit was away from the physical body. Because the mind and brain were so relaxed these memories could be brought back swiftly and easily. This was not the confused dream state so many of you experience, but the gathering of information and knowledge from the regions of the spirit which would later be proved in its correctness or error, by the teacher in charge of the development of such a soul.

You yourselves might profit by that practice. You should occasionally lie down to sleep in a state of great peace, the body not overloaded with excess food, having the spiritual intention of what you desire to learn, where you wish to go, to what spirit you would direct your thoughts. This would bring you further development and understanding, so that returning to your physical body you would cease To grope in uncertain fashion, sending out confused thoughts. Instead and guarding you, understanding who is teaching you, not because you have been told by another, but because your own soul knows this is true.

The man or woman who is on the path of mastery becomes a “knower”, and when you are a knower of truth then all your uncertainties vanish as clouds vanish before the light of the rising sun.

When you meet in little groups, combining your influence one with the others, then you should learn to extend you spiritual aura, that it may become wing-like, and your wings may enfold the others who are seated near you in a tenderness of protection and radiance of light. As you extend your influence in this fashion you bring about an expansion of your own spiritual being, becoming more receptive to the influence of your guides and spirits who wish to blend their influence with yours. It is almost impossible for any spirit to enter the aura when it is closed with self-concern and self desire, when you are only interested in your own development and of acquiring knowledge for yourself. But when you love and desire protection for those others who are there, then your aura unfolds, your wings are outspred, and your love encircles them. As your aura widens and becomes sensitive, we of the spirit may draw near and impart to you and through you the truth, power and healing which we wish to give to the Earth’s children, and which you yourselves desire, that you may serve in beauty and usefulness.

One other thought. Learn to direct your attention to the region above your brow, for it is in this region that all spiritual mediumship is to be found and unfolded.

Truly your world needs mediums who know how to co-operate with the spirits of light and healing, those who can raise their attention above the immediate things of the earthly plane of the spirit. So, aspire! Aspire unto that which is the light, truest best.