Wings of Dove’s – Annual Retreat
August 5-6-7, 2011

It is the energies of gratitude and appreciation that opens the heart. These attributes are viewed and expressed similarly by renowned spiritual teachers, writers and leaders. It is the Ascension Energy. Our world is changing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – this is in all the Kingdoms – Human, Animal, Mineral, Plant – the Sacred Elements of Earth, Fire, Air and Water – All That Is evolving to higher frequencies. Most people are resistant to change and/or have a fear of the unknown & losing control.

My objective for this weekend is to assist you in opening up to your Spirit/Soul & Heart and move forward in harmony with the Universal shift & changes – Bringing harmony within chaos with the assistance the Ascended Masters, Guides & Teachers and our allies from the higher frequencies of Divine Light – eliminating separation and bringing back UNITY with ALL THAT IS.

The Intensive Weekend activities include:

        - Metaphysical work throughout the weekend
        - Journaling & open discussions
        - Gaia Healing Circle – outdoors
        - Saturday night’s ritual with drumming & other musical
        - Chanting & toning – Healing with sound
        - Silent Spiritual Treasure Hunt – dowsing - outdoors
        - Yoga – Walking Trails – Swimming
        - And much more... unique to the individual

Join us for this magical weekend that has always demonstrated itself to be a transforming journey with Angels, Guides & Teachers, Nature Spirits and the Fairies.

The accommodation is shared with 2-4 people and you must let us know if you wish to share with specific individual(s) – otherwise it is assigned.

All meals are organic & special diets can be provided with prior notification.

The all-inclusive weekend is $485 for the Early Bird – secured by a non-refundable $50 deposit
Full payment by July 25th
After June 30th the all-inclusive retreat is $575.

Edenvale Centre is located at:
4330 Bradner Rd, Abbotsford, BC – 604-856-3388

To register by Visa contact Claudette at 604-274-2238 or
email: or
mail a cheque payable to Wings of Dove - 202 - 3851 Francis Rd, Richmond, BC, V7C 1J6

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